Four by Two /

is a paper and ink quarterly printed on a single sheet bent five times and glued or stapled to post consumer waste. Conceived long distance by klipschutz (San Francisco) who serves as house poet, editor and curator and Jeremy Gaulke (Smithsburg, MD) designer, illustrator and printer. We strive to surprise ourselves and a select audience of discerning readers with concise, accomplished writings and beyond. Each issue will be visually distinct, with an evolving, ever-curious sense of materials and design.

Our third and final year featured poetry from Emma Trelles, Jo McDougall, Francesca Bell, Shatha abu Hnaish, Maya abu Alhayyat, and last but certainly not least Gregory Corso and John Wieners. We are currently completely sold out of all but the current final issue.  For details about how to order the Corso/Wieners issue please visit the How Page.

Designed, printed, folded, cut, perforated, bound, stapled (or glued) and packaged in Smithsburg, MD. Many thanks to Cara Herchenrother who designed this website and whose work and guidance made this project possible. Pictured above; Issue One.