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Four by Two is lovingly made by hand in Smithsburg, MD by APEP Publications. The “first three” copies of each limited edition quarterly issue of Four by Two are hand sewn with linen book binding thread. The 2015 copies (series one) have been spoken for. We will however continue to offer limited and unique items to friends of Four by Two as gifts for larger pledges. For more information about how to support Four by Two write us at

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to our subscription options, APEP and Luddite Kingdom Press are currently offering the following material for the listed donations.  Supplies are typically very limited.

from outside the US? please query first

Paul Fericano books:

SOLD $20 donation:
Commercial Break (Poor Souls Press, 1982); limited hardcover edition; rare; signed/dated (6-4-82); price includes one copy of softcover edition [two available]

SOLD $25 donation:
Stoogism Anthology (Scarecrow Books, 1977); extremely rare; original softcover edition; shrink wrapped; price includes one copy of chapbook Stoogist Manifesto (Poor Souls Press, 1980) [two available]

SOLD $20 donation:
The Broadsider: An Annual Magazine of Rescued Poems, vol. 2; regular issue (Poor Souls Press, 2010, limited to 40 sealed copies) more information [one available]

John Tottenham books:

SOLD $15 donation:
Antiepithalamia & Other Poems of Regret and Resentment (Penny-Ante Editions, 2012); reviewsigned 

SOLD $12 donation:
The Inertia Variations (Kerosene Bomb Publishing, 2010 reprint, expanded edition); more information (goodreads); signed [one SOLD one available]

SOLD $35 donation:
The Complete Montana Gothic, 653 pp.
“Product Description” at Bezosville

One SOLD three available
$40 donation (while limited supply lasts):
ALL ROADS. . .But This One – limited edition, collectible
includes Jon Cone, klipschutz, Albert Sgambati, Claudia Grinnell

SOLD $50 donation (one packet available):
Chuck Prophet memorabilia packet (ALL SIGNED)
-rare cassette of Temple Beautiful (Burger Records)
-rare 7” single from Temple Beautiful:
side A:  The Left Hand and The Right Hand
side B:  I Call Your Name (outtake)
– rare Temple Beautiful pamphlet (lyrics & more)

SOLD Joie Cook books (one of each available):
$14 donation:
Habitat:  Selected Poems 1981-2006 (2007) 100 pp.

SOLD $18 donation:
Joie in Chaps: The Collected Chapbooks of Joie Cook (2013) 192 pp. 

SOLD $14 donation:
She Is Fighting Love (selected poems) (2013) 118 pp.