Thanks to everyone for subscribing and donating and reading the mag with as much care as we put into the material and design and production. It’s been a great ride. We want to give belated shout-outs to some above-and-beyonders: José Alvarez, Dan Dereszynski, Edwin Dobb, Raymond Foye, Sandie Harrington, John Olsen, Paul Singletary, and Andy Taub of Brooklyn Recording. (No doubt we’re leaving someone out. We’re a bit punchy.)

We’re happy to report the UC Berkeley’s Special Collection Library has purchased a run of the issues, which will be available to scholars in perpetuity. Thanks to Steven Black for making it happen.

To quote Catullus, who said it first, in Latin (“ave atque vale”) , Hail and Farewell! On behalf of both of us, major ups. We couldn’t have done it without you.

Jeremy Gaulke


final issue


featuring poems & art from Gregory Corso 
poetry & correspondence from John Wieners 
two postcards with paintings by Gregory Corso
trading card illustrated by Jeremy Gaulke with poems by klipschutz

trading cards issue/


featuring work from:

Francesca Bell
David Stock 
Dennis Mahagin 
Jeff Jensen

illustrated by Jeremy Gaulke